Chair Stacking Show: “Incredible Service”

This one-man atmosphere show starts off seeming like an ordinary dinner table setup…and quickly turns into an acrobatic waiter stacking regular dining room chairs one on top of another! If this is not extreme enough, your audience will be dazzled as his heels pass his head at over 14ft in the air! You won’t be able to find this Incredible Service in any other restaurant!

Act Length: 12-14 minutes

Number of shows per day: Up to 5

No. of Performers: 1

Space Requirement: 15’ Length x 15’ Width x 16’ Ceiling

Travel: This act will travel! **Additional costs may apply.

What else does this act include? This show is turnkey! When you bring this show to your event it also comes with audio (500W system), lighting (1 lighting tree with 4 LED RGBW color lights) if the event is at night, and power for both! Our price will also always include travel. No added costs! **Note, that the audio and lighting provided will not work for all situations. They work best for small indoor and outdoor events (400 people or less) or in an atmosphere performance scenario. The lighting is not for theatrical purposes, just to provide a nice light for the performance to occur and the audience to enjoy! If you are unsure if this will work for you, feel free to reach out and ask!