For schools and summer camps

For schools and summer camps

For festivals and events

Surprise your students with a world class circus!

Curbside Circus is a mobile circus that is perfect for school events, fundraisers, and summer camps! Our Curbside Circus vehicle pulls up in front of your venue, sets up in less than 10-minutes, and puts on a 30-minute “Out of this world” circus show! You have never been so close to the circus!

This show has been optimized to be able to put on high quality shows for an affordable budget. In addition, you don’t need anything special except hard ground for us to perform on. We will bring everything we need to make sure that your audience has the best time! Make sure to watch our teaser video below and send us a message if you have any questions at all. We can’t wait to bring the big top to you!

What's Included?

This will be the quickest, easiest entertainment you’ve never had to plan to for! We’ll be ready to setup in 5 minutes or less and ready to wow your audience with flips, tricks and stunts!

This show comes with

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Frequently asked questions

We sure are! As mentioned above, Curbside Circus is owned by WeFlip Entertainment. WeFlip Entertainment carries liability insurance to protect you as well as workers compensation insurance to protect our performers.

Curbside Circus is designed to be ready to go within minutes! Once we pull up to your event, it will take us 10 minutes or less to be ready for showtime. The entire Curbside Circus experience is approximately 30 minutes long.

Prior to Curbside Circus’ arrival, you need to clear three (3) car lengths worth of space. There needs to be enough room for a car and a trailer to park parallel to your viewing area. We recommend placing cones or some type of marker to hold the space before the Circus arrives. 

In front of the trailer there needs to be a space of at least 6ft deep x 25ft length x 16ft height available. Shows may differ depending on the space available. For example, if there is not enough concrete in front of the trailer, we will not be able to do the giant ring. But….that’s ok! We’re prepared for different scenarios. If you have a special request, please make sure to email us. If you have a driveway in front of your home this usually works perfectly!

By booking through Square, appointments can be canceled or rescheduled at any time as long as your event date is more than 7 days away. However, we understand that life happens and you may need to cancel within 1 week of the Circus! If you choose to cancel within 7 days of your scheduled show, you will be charged a cancellation fee (listed at the time of purchase). However, if you would like to reschedule within 6 months, you can use it towards your rescheduled show! Make sure to let us know when you re-book that you have a credit! As always, if you have questions about this process, please email us at

Nope! We come prepared. Our service is turnkey. Your applause is all we need!